Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Ursula is flying through the air- exhibition part II

As Janine posted on the 9th of March the children aged about 8 years read the Kästner.- poem "Ursula is flying through the air". They created a new one about her balloon flight via Wales, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Germany. In this week they discovered famous sights of these countries. They were writing, drawing, painting, building with lego,...Lots of different activities. The results of this week are shown in our exhibition- told about recently.
Thanks Marzia in Italy for the Anna flying through the air and the idea to built the world seeing from high above!

All about the other countries
Silvia Hoffmann

Leaning tower of Pisa

Making a video
Ursula- made out of a role of toilet paper

Learning with laptops
Balloons with watercolor
Our radioplay on the computer.

Look! My own book!

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