Saturday, 7 February 2015

English Fun Day

On 9th January our school along with the support of Mrs Beata Budzyńska from the educational firm Play me and Learn organised English games marathon. Our nursery and primary school pupils participated in a diverse range of didactic games using Kiddo rubber mats. They were running, jumping, playing hopscotch and Twister. They were also engaged in role-playing activities. Our pupils were having lots of fun while studying and practising English in an effective, yet playful manner. Physical activities allowed the children to beat stress, sharpen thinking, summon the courage to interact in a foreign language spontaneously.

Middle school students had a chance to check their communicative abilities, knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary by taking part in a game Town – a feature adventure based on solving riddles and puzzles.

The participation in English games marathon was a delightful way for our pupils to practise the language.



 For more information how to use Kiddo rubber mats have a look at:

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