Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Supermarket Project

Teaching your Primary 2 students new vocab and communicative functions related to the topic SHOPPING will become great fun with The Supermarket Project. 

We started with these two warm-ups: 

After that we were prepared for singing and dancing THE SUPERMARKET SONG

Then we went shopping with our toy trolleys. The teacher provided us with some realia: authentic British products labelled in English!

It was high time we headed for the checkout but... What's was the "checkout"? This Peppa Pig episode was of great help to learn that and many other things. 

The big deal was when the teacher suggested building our own supermarkets and filling them with all kind of goods.

We used our Playmobil and Lego figures to practice a shopping dialogue having the following video and dialogue as a base.

The icing on the cake was when the teacher treated us with this Lego shopping video. We were able to learn a lot of English asking and answering questions about it. 

It goes without saying that this project took many classes and a lot of communicative interactions. But you're all teachers and I don't mean to teach you how to do your work but share some useful and unexpected didactic resources.

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