Saturday, 7 February 2015

Home sweet home

In class the activities for study and play on the house are continuing.
Now the  important question is: who lives in this beautiful house?

Here is the great family of the B!!!

Each child has his character and decide in which place to play. Then the student says where he is.

Durig the activity the children learn to ask and answer these questions:

- Where is the mum or ....? She/He is in .......
-  Is daddy in the garden? Yes, he is/No, he isn't.
- What color is the bed or ........?

And at the end, for more fun, the students imitate the actions that the characters can make, singing and dancing a famous italian popular song: GIOCA JOUER of Claudio Cecchetto.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!
Sleeping, greeting, hitchhiking, sneeze, walking, swimming, skiing, spray, macho, horn, bell, ok, kissing, hair, greetings, greetings, Superman!
Ok kids now let's try to do it better! Remember that you always start from sleeping. Pay attention to the difference between walking and swimming and twice in the final the greetings. Do it right! "Play Jouer"

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