Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lego Exhibition in Warsaw

From 13th December 2014 to 15th February 2015, at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, you are given the chance to view an extraordinary exhibition showcasing buildings made of Lego bricks. The main idea behind the organization of the show is to present buildings and mock-ups of extraordinary forms and sizes, some of them interactive, which could not be simply created at home, by any regular Lego enthusiast. The whole exhibition is spread over 2,300 square metres and it took several million Lego bricks altogether to build all of the exhibits. There are more than 150 mock-ups displayed.

The exhibition combines entertainment and education. The show-pieces present characters, places, robots and events known from fairy-tales and films, as well as historic events and the most famous architectural creations. Such an approach to this project allows visitors – and not only those youngest ones – to broaden their knowledge of history, geography, architecture and robotics.

Photos taken from Google Graphics.

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