Saturday, 14 February 2015

Let’s build a Lego family house together!

The children have had a lot of fun during this creative activity knowing spaces, functions and  fornitures of the house. They have learned new English words related to home and family. They also could improve their artistic and technological abilities.

Children in groups are painting a shoe box; each box is a room.

To color this room we have chosen the colors of the Italian flag!

We are very interested and excited for this educational activity!

We are preparing blankets, curtains, rugs covers, mirrors cutting and using different types of material:  tissue paper, pieces of cloth, tinfoil.. They seem perfect tailors at work!

Here are some of our furnitures of the house built by assembling lego bricks.

This is our kitchen full of objects: a tablecloth, pots, cutlery, dishes, an electric mixer...

The living room. It’s a very comfortable space!

The parents’ bedroom.

Our bedroom: we spend much time here playing and studying. It’s our favourite room!

That’s the bathroom

The children have assembled the rooms to create a big colorful house and placed the  lLgo friends as family members.

They have  played moving them from room to room and making them perform some actions.

Children  have written where the family members are and described their actions, then they have played to associate the written sheets near the right room.

On the exercise book…

That’s our happy family!