Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Visitors from the Antipodes

Salamanca is famous by its culture, the Main Square and it  is also a good place to learn Spanish. Well, today, two new zealanders who are in Salamanca to enjoy the culture and to learn Spanish, have been in our classroom. Year 5 pupils have been asking lots of questions to them, about tipical food, nature, the money they use... they were really curious about our Antipodes! We had a great time singing and learning. Thanks for coming to our school!

Here you have some links and photos of our session:

If you want to find the antipodes of any place on earth you can have a look here:

This is a Maori meeting house:

Some birds that live there:
A  kiwi, a takahe and a kakapo.

Typical dessert called 'Pavlova' ( It looks delicious, doesn't it?)

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