Sunday, 17 January 2016

Healthy food project in Gera, Germany

As our partner schools we also teach our children to keep healthy. We've got a special curriculum for this topic at our school. year 1+2, children aged 6-8 we talk about the „Healthy food pyramid“. Each one can see: the basic of it is to drink enough water, tea, juice, milk,... . For a balanced food we'd eat corn, potatoes, rice as well as fruit and vegetables for carbonhydrates and vitamines. Milky productes contain calcium. Our body also need fat and oil to transport all food. The top of the pyramid is chocolates and sweets. You mustn't eat not so much of it.
Our pupils worked in a learning carousel for more than one week. Each day two lessons. They also did experiments in learning, listened to stories and learned songs. One phase in the carousel was „Move your body“. Moving is very important to keep healthy.
On the last day of the project, the 12th of January 2016 all pupils of our school had a big healthy breakfast. The older classes aged 8-11 prepared a huge buffet with fruit and veggie salades, sandwiches, drinks, fruity yoghurts, cheese- fruit skewers,... a lot of yummie things. Because they already know from their early years whats important in healthy food.
All children brought a small plate, a cup, a knife and spoon and a box with them to help themselves with the food. Teacher, older pupils and parents worked as assistants at the buffet. The breakfast was paid by the parents and donated by some companies. All pupils liked it- as you can see on the photographes.
We do this project in a similar way each year in January.
Silvia Hoffmann

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