Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Animal Jumble

Animal Jumble is the title of a funny activity proposed in the following book:

Here I leave a copy for you:

I have used it with my year 1 students and they really enjoyed it. We could vocabulary related to animal and also introduce the parts o the body. 

Thanks to this booklet we could create an animal with the head of a giraffe, the body of a parrot and the legs of a kangaroo:

Or with the head of a kangaroo, the body of a giraffe and the legs of a bear (just to mention a couple of examples): 

As you all know, motivation is the best fuel for a child's brain. For that reason, I have used the following website (click on the picture) to have fun creating characters with different heads, bodies or legs...

If you like the idea, please, check this previous post: 

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