Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Stories from our holidays

The first day back to school from our Christmas holidays is always a day when pupils come with lots of things to tell their classmates and teachers. They want to talk about the presents they got, about the places they have travelled to, or about any other anecdote that happened to them.

I decided to take advantage of this and we worked with BuildTo Express set. The only instruction I told them was to build a scene to show a good moment of their holidays. Then, they explained it in groups so we worked the oral expression and also respect the others' feelings and emotions. Here you have the result. Most of the models showed the christmas decoration, family gatherings, relaxing moments playing with their brothers or sisters...

 In these models above, you can see some families watching the New Year's Eve clock and eating the 12 grapes as we tradittionally do every year.

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