Saturday, 30 January 2016

From reality to the map

The pupils in our third grade, aged 9 years, should discover the map. Step by step they watch their surrounding, especially the schools area. Then they bild a model out of different materials. Years before we used cardboard. You also can use dough or wood. During our project we thought that lego must be very useful for reaching the aims of the curriculum. Some childen brought their own bricks with them. We also used schools material.
When the models are finished you can lay a paper on it and draw the topview, the outlines and colour it red. Then you show the children the map of the residential district and the town and the county. They have fun to find their school on it. The topview is getting smaller and smaller. Google earth is also useful to show the kids.
Silvia Mahrholdt, Silvia Hoffmann
Our school in a graphic.

Reality- our schoolyard front.

The girls are concentrated.

Old model out of cardboard.

Hard work.

Finished. Great job!

They are proud of their model

Showcase in the hall.

Exhibition in the entrance of our school