Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Animals, art and action!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our school, Colegio Santísima Trinidad, is located in a neighbourhood packed with street art. In my opinion, art can boost students’ creativity in any subject and make more conventional activities more appealing. This is the reason why I made my Year 6 students create the funny cutouts you can see in the photos. In German class they were learning the animals so we went for a walk in our neighbourhood to create colourful fantasy animals. It was great fun for me and teacher Manolo to watch them hold their cutouts against different graffiti murals and shout: “Come on over and take a picture!”

I got the idea for creating these cutouts (made by my students and their patient parents) from a blog called Imgur. Later then in class, we saw all the pictures in a presentation and students talked about their animals (age, name, colours, place they live, etc.) and they handed in a short written work.


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