Sunday, 17 January 2016

Learning about emotions

Year 5 pupils attended on Thursday and another session next week to a workshop about "Emotions" by EducaMomo,(

This is a traffic light called " Stop, Think and Go" to teach anger management to young children. The color red represents stopping, and is useful when children begin to lose control of their emotions. Yellow offers children an opportunity to think and find an appropriate solution to their problem, and green lets them know they can move forward in a responsible way.

On this graph, pupils can stick their name on the different color areas depending on their feelings and energy. This way they can identify how they feel.

The picture above shows a person and the stickers are the different emotions: e.g. green: disgust. Children had to place the stickers on the part of their body that they feel the emotion.

 To finish the session, a tale by a Spanish author: Anna Llenas. I highly recommend it to you. You can have a look at these links: Colour Monster   video

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