Monday, 25 January 2016

Disovering Leonardo

A modern version of Vitruvian man .

With great  pleasure walking up and down in Milan I noticed these  two  wonderful

 wallpaintings. I showed them to  students.  Leonardo  is a neverending  genius,still admired by young and not so young. The students worked in groups  to find out information about this great inventor ,scientist , artist  and much more.

They  tried to draw  as Leonardo. 

People and animals. 

They  analized the studies about  water  and flying machines. 

 They  visited the museum of Tech and Science  in Milan. 
Moreover  they admired   wonderful paintings ,especially  "The Lady with The hermelin.
This is a modern copy of it. 

The students found out that the character of this painting was a young lady of Saronno. Her name was Cecilia Gallerani.  They  write  down information

drew her.

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