Saturday, 4 April 2015

Word Rainbow

Students of 2nd ESO have created posters of types of words using a “Colour Code” that we have called "Word Rainbow". I took this idea from the Reading Rods by Learning Resources 

Then, they presented the posters to the 1st ESO students. We have also used this code to compare the four different languages that are learnt at school : German, French, English and Spanish. 

Among other things, students could notice the differences in word and sentence order.  For this activity we have chosen the same text translated into the four languages that they study. It was taken from the novel Momo, by Michael Ende.

The best thing of this activity is that it can be adapted to any level. We have decided to use this colour code for Spanish syntax too, as students have really enjoyed all the activities.

                                                                                     By Soledad González

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