Friday, 10 April 2015

Dissemination talk in Ávila

Today my colleague Miguel Ángel Martín Mas and I were at the School of Education in Ávila to present our Erasmus+ project to a group of future primary teachers .

Firstly, we explained to them what an Erasmus+ project is and how they could apply for it in the future. We showed them our National Agency's ( and the eTwinning websites ( ). Showing them this Blog and some posts as examples was the next step. We also told them about the other five European schools involved in the project.

After that, students chose a Playmobil so that they could have first hand experience of the activities we carry out in our classrooms and how we work with pupils.

Then it was time to talk about LEGO Education materials. LearnToLearn was the first one. They did the activity 'Ready, Set, Build' and they became very proud of their ducks!

Even Fernando, the professor, enjoyed building!

Another activity was 'Back to back'. The objective of this activity is to expand
pupils' knowledge of mathematical terms related to positions, numbers, and colours while communicating with a partner.

Here you have some examples of the models they built.

WeDo set came next. We showed them the Roaring Lion and how it could be the starting point for a Science lesson. Then, they worked in pairs to build an animal and its habitat.

To finish and tidy up all the bricks, they built Mr Learnie.

We would like to thank Fernando Beltrán for letting us carry out this dissemination talk in his classroom. Also to all the students there that have been listening to us, I am sure that before you realize, you will be teaching to kids.


  1. Thank you for such a wonderful session, Miguel Ángel and Mercedes!! From a teacher education perspective, this was most enjoyable and truly inspiring, with so many lessons and splendid ideas for us all!!
    I would like to congratulate you and your school for this initiative, which shows that there is plenty of room for creativity in education and that sinergies can be enhanced by working together and sharing enthusiasm and expertise with colleagues from our own and other countries. In just a few hours we were shown a whole constellation of possibilities, and it is now up to us to keep on exploring them.

    Fernando Beltrán. Teacher trainer. School of Education. Ávila Campus. University of Salamanca.