Sunday, 26 April 2015

Milano Antica

We are studying Roman history and it has been a good idea visit the Roman ruins in Milan.

From Via Dante we head into Via Meravigli where we come to Palazzo Turati and the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre. 

Years ago during construction, workers uncovered the remains of a first-century CE Roman theatre. Recent surveys carried out by the Institute of Archaeology of the Catholic University have improved knowledge about Roman Theater in Milan. The remains, appeared several times since the late 19th century, were for the first time investigated by stratigraphic method. The findings allowed dating the building of the monument at the Augustan period and reconstructing its centuries-old history. Contextually, was implemented a visit tour open to the public where the scientific rigor is combined with modern multimedia techniques.

The students appreciated a lot this tour and they were lead into the Roman History.Our guide, Mr. Preti was very good at explaing in a simple but vivid way this part of history. Thanks a lot!

Look at the video

At school we read a lot about Romans and especially Roman architecture in Milan. The students tried to build a model of  the Circus with the games.

Chariot races

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