Thursday, 2 April 2015

Let's observe our classroom!

Through this activity children do some concrete experiences to learn to observe and represent objects and  known spaces from different perspectives. They recognize the position of themselves and objects in a room and discover the relationship between the different points of views in the observation and the way in which the objects and a space are represented.The children have worked both individually and in small groups.

Each child individually has represented the classroom respect to the position of own desk. The children have drawn it in a different way, according to their point of view. We have discussed and compared the drawings in relation to our position in the classroom.

From the first line                                         

From the middle line

From the bottom line

Children have changed their position in the classroom to observe the desk in front, from above, from below and by side. They have represented and built in small groups what they have seen according to the different perspectives of observation.

Front view

                                          Top view                    Bottom view

The next step was to chose together the symbols to represent and build the map of the classroom. The children have identified the symbols of the map legend using and counting the squares of their notebook. They have considered the size of the desk at first drawn as reference to represent proportionally the other furnishings of the room.

                                                    The map legend

Individually they have represented classroom 2A on the notebook

In small groups they have built the map of the classroom using the Lego bricks

Our classroom as seen from above

In the end we have also learned some new English words

The children have worked in this activity showing interest, precision and a good potential of symbolization. It was a complete job related to many subjects: geography, maths, geometry, technology, arts and English too.

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