Friday, 24 April 2015

The Earth Day Raps

As I mentioned before at, my students wrote the raps, concerning our planet. This is what they came up with:

The Earth Raps

Earth is your friend
It loves you
You love it
It is your home
And gives you a safe place to live in
Respect your home
Don't trash it!
Clean it every day
Recycle, yeah
Lights off, yeah
Save water, yeah
Save money, yeah

Maria Jackowska, Julia Wasilewska, Zosia Gryko, class IG

Hello people, I'm your home.
You can call me Water Ball.
Rivers, oceans and lakes - everybody shakes
Like an earthquake.
Trees, grass, bushes - everything's green,
What does it mean?
Now baby shake your body, make huge noise and watch how nature grows!
So remember baby, baby, baby, baby
There's no empty whole!
So remember baby, baby, baby, baby
I'm a Water Ball
I'm a Water Ball!

Magdalena Chlabicz, Zuzanna Zajączkowska, class IG

Every Bro collects the waste x2
Sell your cans, sell your bricks,
You will pay all your bills
Every Bro collects the waste x2
Sell your car, sell your home,
You will buy a boat to row
Every Bro collects the waste x2
My new boat is just bought
Plant the trees, plant the bush,
You will help our world!
Every Bro collects the waste x2

Franciszek Łukaszewicz, Gabriel Gil, class IG

The Earth is cool
Ecology full.
In the water there live fishes
Endangered species.
In space there is a lot of waste
Space is a big rubbish place.
In the ocean big animals sail
The biggest of them is whale.
No rubbish, no waste
Our Earth is the best.
Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa
North America South America.
The Earth is very dirty
After our big party.

Jan Trypuć, Gabriela Krajewska, Kornel Kielczyk, Patryk Subieta

Environment x4
In the magic in the summer
Come on it's beautiful
This looks funnier
Environment x4
I saw a whale when sailing
I saw our planet failing
Environment x4
I like this world
In this world there are hordes
Of the running dogs
Environment x4
Those castles are best
I save you in the chest
Enviroment x4
This world is good for boys and girls !!!

Amelia Koszałkowska, Bartłomiej Hapoń, Maksymilian Sawicki, Bartłomiej Karpiński

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