Thursday, 9 April 2015

Double Digit Addition with Regrouping with LEGO bricks.

This morning I worked for the first time ADDITIONS WITH REGROUPING  in my YEAR 1 class. To do this, I have used the idea that you can find on the following link: 

We have used three withboards, two for the ADDENDS and one for the RESULT. The student wrote the number and placed the corresponding number of LEGO BRICKS (in this case, number 9):

We do the same with the second addend (7):

Now, the student picks all the bricks from both addends and put them together on the result whiteboard (they are really adding when doing this!):

They clearly see that there are more bricks than TEN. They stack ten bricks together and move it to the TENS column (that is to say, they CARRY 1): 

Finally, they write the result(16): 

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