Friday, 11 March 2016

The ink blob monster

This little monster lives in a school. It needs ink to survive. He’s happy because all children sometimes drop some ink.
But now there are school holidays. The monster is locked in a small storeroom. There are no children, there is no ink. The monster ist very hungry and faced to the death. And for real there is a skeleton in this room for biology, you know. The monster is very scared.
But one day he hears the school bell ringing. He jumps onto the windowsill and looks out. The children are coming back! What fun! The caretaker opens the door and the little monster runs out of this room and as fast as he can into the room of class….?

Our 8 years old pupils listened to the story. Then they droped a small ink blob on the paper. With cotton swabs they created the little monster and drawed some details around. It's very nice, isn't it? We're showing the monsters in our entrance hall.

Petra Külbel 

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