Monday, 28 March 2016

Pupils in Ynystawe School Learning about Salamanca

Our Year 6 pupils and Maide created some posters about Salamanca and our School to keep in touch with the pupils in the other 5 schools. As I went to Ynystawe Primary School for the KA1, I took one of the posters with me.

I worked with a group of pupils from Year 5 and 6 there at Ynystawe. I showed them the poster and some leaflets from Salamanca so that they know a bit more about it.

They were researching with their Ipads and the leflets to find the answers to these questions:

They also found out many other things for example that in Salamanca there aren't many big parks but that there are a lot of pools and historical buildings.

They were having a look at the city with Google maps, street view.


Then, I asked them to make a similar poster about their school and their city so that I can take it back to Spain. We will show you the result when I take it to Salamanca!

Here you have the link to the post which shows another poster in Italy.

And the link to the post where you can see the poster on the Erasmus + Corner in Ynystawe School:

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