Friday, 25 March 2016


This year my students discover prehistory. I and my trainee teacher after the general introduction started with dinosaurs. We decided to intruduce the topic with a video and a power point. Then we created a map and finally we proposed to the children to work in groups.

 Each group had a topic of research (brontosaurus, pterodactyl,..). After have found the informations they created a little book that collects all the research of the groups. They used that book to study and prepare the oral exposition about the dinosaurs.

The second part of the project is about learn the names of body parts of dinosaurs. We proposed a game: after have shown the part of dinosaurs using a poster, we hung on the blackboard the poster and we put some flashcards representing the parts of the body on the teacher desk. 
The children were divided in two groups, we call one child for group and then we tell the name of a body part. The players had to look for the right part and put it on the poster.

 Afetr that, to strengthen the knowledges we propose other games: telephone without threads and guess the dino, recompose the words, a game of spelling and guess the dino (like the game "guess who" but using the characteristics of dinosaurs.

The study will continue with the Quaternary age when it appeared prehistoric man.

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