Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Anna is flying through the air.

Thanks to all kids in class 2 of Gera  and their idea about  the poem of Erich Kästner „Ursula is flying through the air“ the girl is flying with ballons to Africa. We changed your poem another little bit: the girl's name is Anna and she was flying to Wales,

 France, Germany, Spain and Poland. 
Class 1 and 2 listened to the story of Anna, flying up in the sky
They tried to imagine the different landscapes from the sky.

They told the others their ideas and they worked in pair: one student of class 1 and one of class 2.

The results  were great and very creative!
Have a look!
 Over a forest and a village.
She saw people and animals
on the ground and... in rivers and seas.
Real wonderful landscapes built with storystarter kit  and lego  basic.
They enjoyed the activity  very much!

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