Wednesday, 2 March 2016

KA1 Erasmus+ project linked to our KA2

As some of you already know, we have a KA1 project that is linked with this one ( CTST) since some of the schools involved are the same ones. Some of our teachers ( including myself) will be doing a 'Job shadowing'  in  YNYSTAWE PRIMARY SCHOOL from Wales:

from Poland: 

Thanks to these two schools and the people working there for allowing us to learn from you.

The title of this project is also related to some extent with CTST: 'Teachers Learning and Teaching Thorugh Play' The idea of learning and playing at the same time is present in this project as well.

It is not easy to get funding from European Union for these projects, as you have also experienced, you need to have a clever idea and know how to fill in all the forms and requirements, but we eventually got it. 

Here you have the link to our brand new Blog: 

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