Thursday, 21 May 2015


Little Red Riding Hood

A fairy tale for all.
How to use it to teach foreign languages?
French with the youngest in Nursery school and English in Primary.

Lesson planning

1.       Listen to the story in English
2.       Identify the main characters
3.       Write simple sentences
4.       Create a dialogue
5.     Teacher’s aim
- Know the face's vocabulary : eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, ears. Choose a LRRH's portrait and label it
- Describe some illustrations of Little Red Riding Hood. Describe myself ( basic level)
- Retell the story/roleplay (for 4th and 5th classes)
With the youngest let’s start with children's ideas- a drawing, sorting pictures or questions in language 1

- Show the students the book's covers of LRRH

- Ask them to remember one illustration they liked, and to describe LRRH
- Which words they need to describe LRRH portrait (the children speak in L1, the teacher writes in L2)
- Portrait of LRRH : the teacher write the words – eyes, mouth, nose, ears, teeth
- Same for the wolf.
Stage 2
- Remember the vocabulary (eyes-mouth-nose-ears-teeth)
- Introduction of « big » and « small »
- Describe and complete 3 blank portraits according to description (she has.../he has...)
- The students complete their individual worksheet (drawing)
- Pairwork : students practise the vocabulary. They read the portraits to each other(L2)
Stage 3
Practising the new language :the students describe the LRRH or the Wolf

They can draw their own illustration according to their description
Students complete their worksheet
Pairwork : they practise the vocabulary, choose a character (LRRH / Wolf/ granny, the hunter…) and describe it.

Reflection Children think about how and what they learned.

Rolepaly for 5 years old children
The students are invited to roleplay and to modify the fairy tale.
We don’t know the results… they can change the end!

The youngest liked the new version: the wolf is now vegeterian!

Class 5 made puppets for children of the Nursery School: they can act the story again and again.
And class 4th made a book with drawings, clothes, piece of papers, buttons, everything they liked...

And the students of Secondary planned a game, similar to "snakes and ladders".

The title is" wolves and pies": with the wolf you  have to go back and with fruit pie you have to go forward... with flowers you have to stop for a while!

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