Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Children's Literature Fair in Clermont-Ferrand

As part of our CHILDREN'S LITERATURE FAIR, our five nursery classes were involved in a project called EXPOESIE. This exhibition takes place every year in Clermont-Ferrand and many schools participate.

For our School Sainte-Therese, the aim was to create a piece of art which has a link with books studied in class.

For Valérie'ss class (aged 3 and 4) the chosen book was LE NID ( the nest). And each child had to create his own nest his own museum on each box and then share with other pupils.


In Stéphanie's class (aged 3 and 4) the book studied was  LE CHAPEAU A SECRETS ( the hat and its secrets).
The aim was to tell a secret before creating a hat.

In Laetitia´s class (aged 4 and 5  the chosen book was MARCEL LE RÊVEUR ((Marcel the dreamer). The purpose was to let pupils talk about their own Dreams and then create a special place for dreamers.

Concerning Sophie s class (aged 4 and 5) pupils worked on the book
AUJOURD HUI JE SUIS ( today I am...) the idea was to express feelings through mimes  pictures and words.

In Magali's class (aged 5 and 6 ) the selected book was AU PAYS DES MOTS PERDUS (the land of lost words). Pupils had to think about important words and had to explain why those words are important for them. Then They had to collect them.

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