Sunday, 17 May 2015

An Early Years visit to Italy...

Early Years children went to visit their travel agents 'Happy Travel' and they threw a bean bag on to a world map and it landed on...

The children spent time with their parents researching all about Italy...

They were so engaged in learning about fascinating country...

They brought in items from home...

They told us about the football teams...

They were so inspired they even made items at home!

What do you think about this masquerade mask?

After all this inspiration we set upon challenging the children in the school environment!
We worked on the children's problem solving skills. The children worked together to build their own Leaning Tower of Pisa! Ynystawe children love getting messy! Bagels, cheese, bread and butter! We think our leaning towers were pretty good!

Happy children problem solving and thinking creatively!

Next the children took a trip to the beautiful city of Venice. Here the children were challenging their scientific skills. Could they predict which gondola would travel the fastest down the canals of Venice?

Of course the children had so much fun helping the gondolas to travel!

After all that building and travelling we were getting a bit hungry. What else could we possibly eat apart from pizza?! So we took a trip to a local Pizzeria. Of course, it wasn't that easy! Lots of pizzas needing sharing out. So before we could eat, the children had to work on their fractions!

Children are enjoying learning by 'doing'! 

After pizza, what should we eat for dessert? Of course, Gelato! We made it and served it ourselves in our Gelato shop!

The Early Years children work with adults throughout the day, but we believe in 'independent learning' to ensure confident and more rounded children! Of course this has to be fun!

Who doesn't love getting messy in spaghetti?
Designing our own Italian flag!

We can't wait to show you more of what we learn in Early Years and look forward to sharing it with you soon! 
Early Years staff and children :-)

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