Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dissemination at the university

My colleague Agnieszka Zarachowicz and I went twice to the University of Bialystok to present our Erasmus+ project to the group of 120 future teachers and councellors.

Firstly, we explained to them what an Erasmus+ project was and how we got involved in the project. We also told them about the other five European schools involved in the project.

Then, we showed them this Blog and some posts as examples of sharing good practices.

We also explained them the goals and positive aspects of using Lego blocks in education.

The next step was the hands on experience. We wanted to show them how to use Lego Education blocks in different subjects.

To teach a language (this time Polish) we read them a piece of the story "Fluffy and Soft" and asked them to finish it using narratives divided into 3 parts.

For science we chose turtles and their habitat.

In the mathematical exercise they had to compete in the game of showing the largest number of pins.

For Social studies they dealt with the problem of being a handicapped and moving in a wheelchair.

Constructing and measuring was also one of the exercises. Building the tallest tower and measuring it with anything they can come up with was one of the tasks.

Back to back was one of the activities the sudents also really enjoyed.

And their professor liked the tasks as well.

At the end we showed them the possibilities the LEGO software offers.

Everyone was content and saw the advantages of using Lego in the classroom.

They want us to come back next year.

Thank you for having us and taking part in our Lego adventure.


  1. This is inspirational and has an impact on so many. Cool!

  2. Broadcast: to communicate and to sow. Wonderful!