Friday, 17 February 2017

St George and the Dragon Story

Class 4A has given a warm welcome to the job shadowing French teachers.
The lesson plan chosen for the job shadowing  is a comprehension activity about the traditional story of St George and the Dragon.
The aims pursued are the following: to encourage pupils to use English creatively, to practise simple present tense verb form at third person, to learn new words, to retell a story through images, to practise reading, to discover something about the British legendary tradition. In addition, to give an example of a superman who was fighting against the dangerous creatures and getting back peace, which could contribute to the explorations of children's own life and world in the future.
In this lesson, children have watched the story of St George and the Dragon and played  a wordsearch about the main characters and elements. They have represented the context and some scenes of the story by legos.
The teacher has given each pupil a copy of the story page and read it aloud by going round the classroom while pupils were listening, asking some of them to repeat the sentences for the rest of the class and checking their understanding by asking comprehension questions. She has divided students into seven different small groups and assigned each group one part of the story. Each student in the group has tried to read their part of the story and each group has drawed a picture to represent it. Using only their illustrations, one picture per each group, they have practised their speaking skills by retelling the story in the correct sequence of images.
At the end of the activity the students have stuck the pictures and the sentences in the correct order to make a poster and reread them aloud in a semicircle.

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