Sunday, 26 February 2017


Let me introduce you to...


They are: PAULA, DANIELA, GONZALO, DAVID, MARIO AND SERGIO. Wonderful team. They have been working hard for weeks (even months) ...

on a project that required them to solve problems and work as a team. 
Little by little, work was progressing:

And finally, they were able to defend their project in front of some judges: they took part in FIRST LEGO LEAGUE JUNIOR.

It has been a wonderful experience in which we have collaborated teachers, parents and students...

...that also had a reward:

For me, it has been a very rewarding experience. I have been part of a wonderful team, LEGO BEES: it is a great luck to enjoy learning experiences where all the members of the educational process (parents, teachers and children) work together.

I have also  enjoyed the experience of  participating as a volunteer for the organization of FIRST LEGO LEAGUE in Salamanca:

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  1. Una experiencia inolvidable para los niños!
    Gracias a todos los que lo han hecho posible.