Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Reading workshop

To improve their reading, pupils work with the menu DECLIC :
D for déchiffrage (decoding)
E for enrichir (increasing ones vocabulary)
C for comprendre (understanding)
L for lire avec fluidité (read fluently)
I for intégrer (integrate rules of workshop)
C for culture (literary culture)

During the year, pupils work on different topics with short lessons and most of all they read books that they choose by themselves. 

During the reading times , they go on a special place called " book nook" (under a table, on a chair, or in laundry baskets) where they feel good. 

They also participate to workshops LINKED with DÉCLIC MENU.

For exemple :
In the decoding workshop : IT is reading of syllables in a delimitated time

In the vocabulary workshop: IT is choosing the signification of one word in a context

In the understanding workshop: IT is listening to a short story and PUT in order sequential images.

In the reading workshop: IT is reading a book and listening to IT at the same time.

In the literary culture workshop : IT is recognizing the sort of book by its front cover.

At the same time , pupils participate to book clubs on the same book, in groups they analyse the book that they read in class in different ways:
The aloud reading, the WRITING, the vocabulary , the MEANING of the text and the will of the author...

The interest of this reading workshop is to MAKE pupils improve their reading and , above all, to make them love reading

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