Saturday, 25 February 2017

A special game

With students from the fourth grade we went to visit the Sforzesco Castle in Milan in the section dedicated to the archaeological finds of ancient Egypt.
In class after we play " Domino"  with the following rules:
1  write a word related to the visit to the museum on a post it;
2. playing your word associating it with another and then explains the relationship with it;
3. if someone has played your own word, you have to write a new one.
This game allows you to recall the information, to share knowledge and rework together. Also with this game you find possible areas of  educational work.
In this specific situation, the children have identified three paths of thematic analysis: Egyptian writing, the pyramids and Pharaoh, the mummification.

Soon the study of these and other topics will be done ... but how?
A pharaonic mystery!

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