Friday, 6 January 2017


 Primary School "Ignoto Militi"

Saronno - Varese


Classrooms V A and V B


Students have listened to the Polish legend about a Warsaw Mermaid.

They have identified the main characters.



 They have created a legend scene with a paper mosaic.

 They have cut some coloured sheets in different sizes.

According the legend, a Mermaid swimming in the sea stopped on the riverbank near the Old Town rest.

She liked this place and she decided to stay.

  A local fisherman living nearby noticed her...

Later, a rich merchant trapped the Mermaid and he imprisoned her in a wooden hut.

A young fisherman heard Mermaid's cry and with his mates released her .

The Mermaid promised them to help whenever it would be needed.

Ever since, the Mermaid, armed with sword and shield, has been ready to help and protect the city and its citizens.


                                         Thank you for your hospitality!

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