Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Let's make recycled paper

Students of class 4 have tried to make a piece of recycled paper after having studying the recycling in Science.
They could learn by an easy experience the scientific process to make paper using some old newspapers.
They have enjoied this experience very much!
The necessary equipment we have used: newspapers, water, two pails, a frame, a filtering mesh and a rectangular piece of wood.

At the first step we have torn the paper into small pieces and put them in a container.

Then we have covered the small pieces of paper with hot water and let them soak for two days.

We have mashed up the paper by hand a handful at a time aiming to get the pulp similar to the consistecy of watery oatmeal.

We have placed the pulp on the filtering mesh of the frame moving it lightly side to side until the pulp on top has become uniformly flat.

We have pressed down to squeeze out excess water using a rectangular piece of wood. We have periodically repeated this step to remove as much water as possible from the paper pulp.

The final step was to remove the rectangular piece of wood from the top of the frame and let the paper pulp dry near a heater for a few days.
Here the result of our experiment: a perfect sheet of paper!

Time to learn some new English words about recycling:
"Match the words to the pictures and to the appropriate rubbish bin".
"What's it made of?".

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