Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The farmer festival of Saint Antonio

The rural festival of Saint Antonio takes place in our neighbor in Saronno at this time every year.
Saint Antonio is the protector of animals and pets.

It is about to end in few days, so we decided come by!

The Saint's church

The statue of the Saint

To celebrate the memory of the Saint, a reconstruction of an old village was set up.
Various characters took part the festival, they were dressed up as in the past, 
pretending to perform old school jobs!

Here they are some courtyard animals, they were active part of the village
providing work and food for the community!

Sheep and goats were employed in the past for both milk and wool

Some animals such donkeys and horses were really useful for farmers, helping with harvesting and carrying products to local markets

We got in touch with some old kind of ambulance...
... and what was used to carry around both milk and wine 

The final act of the festival is going to be a bonfire and a blessing for animals,
symbolizing nature waiting for its awakening.

Back to school children recreated their experience at the festival by means of Duplo 

Baking and selling bread!

 Taking care of the farm animals!

Let's gather around the bonfire and wait for spring to come once again!!!

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