Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Theseus and the Minotaur

“Ignoto Militi” Primary School 
 Saronno (Varese) Italy
Class 2^ A



Let’s build a labyrinth with felt-pens.
 Cnosso Palace planimetry

Ariadne gave a ball of wool to Theseus. He  unrolled it as he was walking in the labyrinth.


“You’ll just have to roll it back and you’ll find the way back!”.
   Theseus went into the maze and found the Minotaur. They  fought for a long time until Theseus was successful in killing him. After that, he rolled the wool back and  he found his way to exit.

Labyrinth built with Lego
The glorious Theseus sailed away from Crete, immediately. 
But he forgot to hoist the white sail instead of the black one. Aegean, Theseus father, saw the ship with black sail on the horizon and he thought his son was dead. 
He was  hopeless and jumped into the sea around the Greek coast. 
From that day on, that area was called Aegean Sea.

 Ship built with Lego


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