Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The little prince reveals a secret

Today in the fourth class it was concluded the work dedicated to the Little Prince talking about the true meaning of friendship.
The teacher has proposed the activity entitled "about the thread."
The students form a circle to prepare the "friendship network."
With this game they will observe the number of interactions that are created within the class group; each component joins the other with a colored woolen thread.
You create a network that represents the bonds of friendship and relationships that can keep you in the group.
This game allows students to ask yourself some important questions:
How many directions can take our communication?
Is it easy or difficult to keep the threads of friendship?
When the wire is weakened or become more resistant? ?
If a thread breaks, can you retrofit it?

The Little Prince has made students more conscious of their ties understanding that the wires are all intact, but are a bit delicate; luckily you can make knots to fix them and to make them more resistant .
Your web around is the symbol and means that no one should be excluded from friendships with everyone else because for each of us is helpful to the other and needs the other.

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