Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Surprise in 1st grade class in Primary School !!

Pupils received a package at School. Mystery! Inside the package there are many bags with pieces representing animals, but, what animals? Children had to guess what were the animals. When they saw the pieces through the bags , some of them had an idea.

They started assemblying by pairs and they discovered dinosaurs. 

They had to identify them so they searched on the net their names and then they wrote on the bags the names of each dinosaur to classify them. They joined a draw of pieces on the bags to avoid the loss of some pieces.
We observed the period of history when dinos were alive , we watched a documentary where we could see their way of life.
To end with this project in a more creative way, pupils are going to build with legos the lanscape of dinos lives and their paddocks.

This work was a great success because pupils enjoyed collaborate in this project and they love dinosaurs.

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