Friday, 3 March 2017

A trip with the Egyptians

In my class today a strange suitcase arrived. In it there are many Egyptian objects brought by the children and some brought by the teacher.
The teaching activity was targed observation, cataloging of objects by topic and description of them with the help of children.
The unknown objects by children intrigued and stimulated many questions that will be answered doing research in books and on the web.
Each child participated with interest and enjoyment with the possibility to touch and see up close the things that was most attracted.

After this activity, the students have created a small Egyptian museum in the classroom.
They have selected the most interesting finds and have divided them.
Finally using the books available have sought information and have set the tags to explain the items.

In the museum there is also a small section dedicated to the reproduction of objects using lego: this is the most creative zone but is not yet complete and open to the public.

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  1. A very interesting project. I like the start with the suitcase.