Friday, 3 June 2016

Literature Week

This week we are celebrating the Literature Week with some special activities. 

As you may know, this year it is celebrated the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare and Cervantes' death.
 Secondary students have prepared some short plays about these two authors so that the pupils in Primary know more about them and their works.

They have been learning how to write with a real quill pen and ink as in the times of Shakespeare and Cervantes:

There is also a Literature Exhibition of works made by pupils in Secondary School and Year 5:

In the exhibition you can see some great drawings made by pupils about "El Quijote":

We have also devoted part of the display to the British sculptor Henry Moore because there has been an exhibition of his art works in the city and some of the secondary students have made very nice replicas:

And here you have other activities carried out thoughout the year related with Literature:

Walk around Salamanca to know more about our culture in the Reinnaisance times.

Storytelling related with Natural Science and also with Swansea and Welsh national symbol:

Storytelling and Drama about pirates with Year 5 pupils.

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