Saturday, 4 June 2016

Have fun with lego fractions!

Children of class 3 have discovered Legos as a great opportunity to experience fractions in a visual, simple and easy way.
They could figure out what the fraction, the top and the bottom numbers really consist in, representing fractions as a part of a whole or a part of a group.
Children have built the whole by making towers with Lego bricks of equal stud dimensions and they have broken those towers into halves, thirds, fourths etc.
They have wrote down the fractions of the different colored parts in each tower and they have made the whole, adding fractions.
Children have explored different ways to show the same fractions and how the size change depends on how big the whole is. They have compared fractions with the same bottom number and different top number and vice versa figuring out why for example 5/6 is larger than 5/10.
Another thing we did was to represent fractions using simple geometric shapes (rectangles, squares). Children have used them to represent the whole, to divide into equal parts and to show fractions as a part of an area. We have also put our attention how the positioning of a shape does not change the value of the fraction it represents.

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