Sunday, 25 January 2015

Learning English and Science with Playmobil

My primary 2 students are not afraid of speaking in English anymore. I gave one Playmobil figure each and they will speak through it from now onwards. 

They started by providing their Playmos with an identity and labelling their body parts.

This led to the following questions and anwers:

- Can Joanna smell a flower?
- No she cannot.
- Why?
- Because she hasn't got a nose.

- Can Joanna drink a glass of water?
- No, she cannot.
- Why?
- Because she hasn't got an elbow.

As you can easily realize, we were practicing the following communicative functions here:

- Expressing ability and disability (can/cannot).
- Expressing possession or non-possession (has/hasn't got).
- Expressing cause and consequence (why/because)

After that we worked on the communicative function "describing people":

She is wearing brown shoes and a blue skirt.
Her bag is yellow. 

This allowed us to practice with the personal pronouns (HE, SHE) and the corresponding possessive adjectives (HIS, HER).

And since Playmos have got neither elbows nor knees, this was a perfect excuse to learn about the joints of the body. Fun never decreased anyway thanks to The Skeleton Dance!


  1. Playmo skeleton! How entertaining must that be!

  2. This looks like a fun way of learning! We are hoping to do this and learn different parts of the body in another language. Tres Bien!