Saturday, 10 January 2015

Segantini paintings at Palazzo Reale in Milan

Giovanni Segantini (15 January 1858 – 28 September 1899) was an Italian painter known for his large pastoral landscapes of the Alps. He was one of the most famous artists in Europe in the late 19th century, and his paintings were collected by major museums. In later life he combined a Divisionist painting style with Symbolist images of nature. He was active in Switzerland for most of his life.

I showed: Ave Maria a strabordo (n.1) and Dopo il temporale “after the rainstorm” (n.2) and I asked the students if they recognized them.

Display the real painting and tell your students about the artist and his works.

Describe the painting using THERE IS/ARE, colours, specific vocabulary. The result is  a description of the picture from your students in Italian and a simple one in English language, too. Then I displayed the stuff and I asked them to display this two famous painting using your Playmobil stuff. Students recreate the painting.

 They worked in pairs and tried.

Our final result.

Students recreate the painting.

And they painted it. 

They liked this activity. Thanks Miguel for the suggestion!

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