Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lego Education Introducing Build to Express

LEGO® Education BuildToExpress is more than a box full of bricks, it is a teaching process that can be built on over and over again. Hence the name build to express.  The core set contains a variety of LEGO pieces, 200 in all, that range from minifigures to tools to bricks to wheels. Everything a kid would need to really spark his imagination. Each piece can easily be turned into something else with a little creativity. That is what this set is designed to do.

How it Works

1. There are 2 components to the set, the core set which comes with the actual LEGO pieces in a small tub, and the teacher’s guide, which contains instructions, lessons, a CD, and challenge cards.

2. The challenge cards are the backbone of the set. Each build, or topic, consists of 4 cards: Think About It; Remember; Imagine; and Conclude. Each of the 4 cards asks the child to build a small model using the pieces in the tub. Card #1 helps the child establish their general views about the topic, card #2 asks the child to remember back to similar experiences and build a new model, card #3 instructs the child to use their imagination on a related build, and card #4 encourages the child to sum up their conclusions or what he has learned with another new build.

3. The challenge cards enable you as a parent or teacher to open up a dialog with your child so that they can better understand what they are building and why, as well as their emotions behind the build. In addition to the 29 sets of printable cards, there is a challenge card creator that lets you implement your own topics and ideas.

“In just a quick 20-minute brainstorming, I can fit a LEGO® build to any standard and usually it ends up being cross-curricular. I had a build about a poem, and you would think that is a literacy standard, but it also became a social studies standard, a little bit of a history lesson. So it kind of naturally branches out for you and hits the cross-curriculum.” – Andrew Charland, 5th grade teacher, quoted from LEGO Education

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