Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Link Project

The Link Project aims at helping the infants transition from daycare to kindergarten.

The main objective is to promote the interaction between children of different age and different realities. 

The spatial continuity, the educational project, and the teamwork are the main requirements to be fulfilled in order to provide children with a safe transition from nursery school to kindergarten.

Kindergarten teachers helped by 5 years-old children, invite daycare infants and organize the Link Project. The older kids show the younger ones (with the help provided by the daycare teachers) the school and its different rooms: the hall, the bathroom, the classrooms. 

The Link Projects consists of playful activities such as singing, listening to music, experimenting new activities, socializing.

Hosting daycare infants help them getting in touch with the school and future routine they are going to experience in few months.

This year, the proposed story was entitled: "Va...Lentina, the snail", Valentina is an actual Italian name and Va Lentina means going slowly. 

Despite being a snail, Va...Lentina doesn't like vegetables and because of the lack in vitamins, her shell was chapped. Her mom was really worried and decided to ask the fairy snail for help.

The solution was pretty straightforward: a vegetable salad is the perfect solution to provide Va...Lentina with the right intake of nutritious she needs to have a healthy shell. 

Va...Lentina's mum picked lots of veggies with Va...Lentina's help and finally the young snail ate the right amount of vitamins she needed.

and finally after a while... Va...Lentina's shell is no longer ruined but bright and smooth.

The story ended... it's time for a snail-shaped snack

Before leaving kindergarten, day care infants took a printed snail... guess what... the shell is printed by means of an onion cut in a half.

Daycare teachers received some other snails too!

At kindergarten, some other snails were assembled with Lego to celebrate the beautiful experience of this project !!!


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