Sunday, 2 April 2017

Driver's education with Ciro, the policeman

Driver's ed school project aims at teaching kids adequate and safe behaviors when they are on the road.

Driver's ed activities show kids that:

  • roads are cultural and social resources, everyone can use them
  • on their way to somewhere they can enjoy exciting opportunities and come by new people and new places
  • roads are risky if rules of conduct are not respected and understood
Teaching kids these rules is fundamental for their growth as future responsible citizens.

Ciro, the policeman came to our school to help us with driver's ed. 

He proposed kids different topics depending on their age:
  • 3 years-old kids: the role of the policeman and some hints when you are on the road
  • 4 years-old kids: basic traffic sign recognition, adequate and inadequate things to do on the road
  • 5 years-old kids: transportation, the traffic light colors, pay attention to policeman signs
 Each topic had its own activity, here there are some of them:

MY FRIEND: THE POLICEMAN: Ciro, the policeman illustrated kids the importance of his work. he showed his uniform, the signal disk, the whistle,  arm signs to direct the traffic. Kids asked Ciro about being a policeman



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