Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Sword of Pendragon

Primary School “Ignoto Militi”
Saronno - Italy

King Magnus is in the castle



He is sad because people have no food.

The dragon is outside the castle. 

King Magnus and Wizard Lucian are talking about what can they do.


At the castle there is Princess Miranda, too. She looks at a picture and she inquires after it.
 Twelve years ago the dragon kidnapped the king's son. She is very sad about the prince.

 Princess Miranda can hear the king and his wizard; they read there is a magic sword in the North of England: the Sword of Pendragon.
But there is a problem: only the hands of the  King's son can pull out the Sword of Pendragon.
Miranda can get the Sword.

 That night she leaves the castle.

To be continued...


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