Monday, 21 November 2016


For the second year, pupils aged 9 to 10 decided on one topic for their class:
All year long, they will discover the work of jk rowling.
At the begining of the year , they all received the necessary equipment to a good wizard : magic wand, bookmark platform 9 3/4 and a badge of each house.

Every pupils had to pass the test of the "Choixpeau " to discover their house : Gryffondor,Serdaigle ou Poutsouffle. 

Placard in their houses , every new periods,the children try to win the HOUSE CUP. 

And how to win points? Nothing easier: by realizing maths or french challenges written in the class or given in a GOLDEN EGG.
The most active and quiet houses can also win points , activities in the individual book of Poudlard and so on.

Pupils also participate to elections every period : they vote for a PERFECT.
His role is mediator: he has to deal with problems in the class and during the breaks, he is the "KING of silence" to maintain a quiet atmosphere to work well. He also has to control the property of the material and the class. His last task is to control the agendas to see if the homework is written on each exercice book.
CAMPAIGN, ballot vote , ballot box, scarf redemption that is how our elections work.

And to crown it all , pupils can , with a money class buy hexes or potions which offer them advantages (at the same Time they work on decimals and money).

This project offers pupils the possibility to create links, cooperate and work on notions in a playful way.

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