Monday, 30 November 2015

Simplicity is the key

One of the most favourite games for my students is 'Countries, cities...'. We define categories: Countries, Cities, Plants, Animals, Names and Things. And create a table.

Every student prepares one table. When they're ready one student mutely recites the alphabet and someone says 'STOP'. They get one letter, eg. C.

They start writing down the names of countries, cities, ... that start with the letter C.

For example:

Czech Republic / Cairo / Cauliflower / Cat / Caroline / Car

The first person to finish counts down form 10 to 0, so that the others can still finish.

Then they check:

If somebody else wrote Czech Republic - they get 5 points. If they had different countries they get 10 points each. If no one in the group had a country, then the only person who has it gets 1 points (others 0). Then we sum up the points.

After a few rounds we have a winner.

All in all, sometimes it's enough to have a sheet of paper and a pen to spend a nice time together and learn something new.

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